Predaj chilli semiačok a priesad.predaj stromkov.


Predaj chilli semiačok a priesad.predaj stromkov.

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A To Z About Dry Red Chilli

semillas de los chilesJust as Tomato reigns supreme in Italian Cuisine, likewise, Red Chillies are a king of all spices and seasoning in India. Almost no any dish can be served or cooked without using red-chillies powder. This powder is made from Dry Red Chilli and it influences & enhances every Indian Food & Recipe. Everybody cherishes and takes delight in scrumptious food, but it is almost an impossible task to prepare delicious food without knowing taste and variety of spices and seeds. Proportion of spices can make and mar the taste and flavour of cuisine, especially the chilli powder, in other way, we can say, the appropriate amount of chilies adds the delightful taste to food.

In terms of flavour and fragrance, Indian food is richer than that of western countries, It is the use of exotic spices that makes Indian cuisine a preferred choice for individuals and families across the world. Red Chillies in India is widely called Lal Mirch - is commonly used in Indian cuisine so as to add red color & a hot and spicy flavor, bettering the taste of food. It is also the source of vitamins A and C that enhances the immune system. Because of fiery hotness and spicy taste, recipe becomes palatable on condition that it is used in a right amount.


Chilli powder is the principal base for preparing any flavored & spicy food.
Chilli powder is widely used as marinades for variety of veg and non-veg cuisine
It is a exotic spice, responsible for tinging crimson red color and sharp & strong flavour to any recipe
It is Dry Red Chilli that can enrich and enhance the taste, flavor and color of plain, flavourless, and insipid dishes
It is seasoned to different kinds of salads and tomato based sauces.
Traditional dishes are prepared with unique blend of strong flavor and heat with red chilli powder


Adding a tinge of asafoetida can keep chilli powder fresh for a long time
Air-tight jars & containers are an ideal place to store red chilli powder
It is advisable to store chilli powder at cool and dry place
It should be shielded from the direct sun ray and heat
Red chilli powder can be preserved for a year without changing taste

Medicinal Properties
pimientos picantes
Dry Red Chilli powder is great source of Vitamin C and pro vitamin A.
Dry Red Chillies are richly endowed with capsaicin, that helps in enhancing metabolism and an efficacious treatment for sensory nerve fiber disorders.
It also helps in clearing the congested nose and lungs.
It is a tested treatment that helps in preventing stomach ulcers
Red chilliy is proven to be a natural pain killer.
Red chillies are panacea for fat people, used as immunity booster and weight shedder
Red chillies boast a good amount of minerals like potassium, iron and magnesium.
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